One of the most important things I learned from designer, Chris Do from his video series, The Futur was to keep personal subjects like family photos, hobbies, and everything else that is in your daily life separate from your business. Do not mix the two as they don't work together. Sure, people should see a face associated with the business but they shouldn't see what food you just had the night before or your dog out for a walk. I always have felt that my personal feelings towards an object, an agenda, or even sharing my life was abstract to those that are interested in doing business. People aren't going with you because of your likes of star wars and batman they are going with you because you have built your services out and you have something to offer that sparks their business interests. Your business should be for the potential clients to see your work, see your products, and everything you offer. 


Speaking on Chris Do. One of the major pain points he had mentioned was that you lose site on what exactly you do when you add personal stuff to your business. This applies for social media, websites, and even your service space. Customers can gain no understanding on what you actually do if all you guarantee them is "results" but nothing to show for it. You drinking wine on your social post saying "want to wine down with the best results possible?" There is not enough likes, follows, and posts in the world to get a with that type of post. Focus on bettering your services and show up.  Seek out your customers with things you actually can offer them. (I have another story for the so-called results on Insights to read.) What I worry is that we become so consumed with the idea that if we share our life that it automatically makes apart of our business' story....WRONG. The two couldn't be more different. 



I like to approach my business with the idea that it is like a job interview and I am trying to make a strong impression on the people who are interested in me. The same applies to your business if you want to attract more people and get more attention...get serious. This is the only way to keep personal and professional separated. Let grandma know what you are up to on your personal calls, social pages, and greeting cards but don't be leading your potential customer into your house for a house tour on digital presences or in person with your business. They don't need to know how much money you make or where you grew up.